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Sandy Beach

Your time is valuable and we help you get more of it.

Your time is precious and we want you to use it on things that matter the most.  We offer  bespoke personal concierge services to individuals, families, and businesses in GTA. Our services are tailored to unique needs of our clients. Founded in 2018, Upbeat Concierge is a natural choice for clients who lead demanding lives and who are in need of freeing up time to spend on things and people that they value. Store2Home is our division that will help you achieve all this and so much more.

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We strive to make your life simpler


Your Time is Precious

Upbeat Concierge offers solutions for those with busy lifestyles. We will help take the stress out of routine tasks and handle all your To do's with a click or call! We do it all and give you back what seems to have been lost...Your TIME!  We are passionate about what we do and offer you the convenience of a quick phone call or an email to cover a list of tasks whether professional or personal. Now you can spend your time on things that matter the most!

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Simplify your life

From routine tasks, personal shopping, home organization, to styling your wardrobe, scheduling meetings, planning your events, senior check in and much more we'll do it all. Whenever you want it and where you want it! 

For busy lifestyles

When life gets too hectic, we are your go to life line. Gone are the days when hiring a professional for every day errands or your shopping needs sounded like far fetched! Our service is affordable and will fit your budget. Understanding our clients needs and respecting the confidentiality is our promise.


Set your priorities

For busy couples, single parents and high-performing individuals who
prefer to focus on what they value most, we provide you the time and experiences. We can get everything done, from sports and entertainment, dinner parties, gifts, date nights and more.


Get in Touch

Thank you for contacting us! We will get back to you right away. Thank you and have a nice day.
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