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Life is in Little Things which is why we strive to make your Life simpler and much enjoyable. 

Our role is to take away the tasks that rob you of your precious time. The Time we save you will give you the Life you will enjoy.


With more than two decades of outstanding international experience in the banking and service industry our CEO and founder Geet Sharma possesses extensive knowledge in finance operations, customer service, compliance, people, and project management. During her professional journey along with the full-time responsibilities of being a single mother, she noticed that executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and heads-of-household in her social circle were overwhelmed with responsibilities left with little or no time to be spent for things that matter the most. Time in this fast-paced world is very limited and searching for basic services seems to require much more effort than necessary. Furthermore a lot of people get lost in the lack of communication from several service providers.  With this in mind,  Geet decided to create Upbeat - Concierge to help reduce daily stress, give more time, and enhance sense of happiness and well-being by creating a service platform that provides extraordinary customer experience.

We at UPBEAT Concierge are determined to help our clients find whatever they need to make their lives simpler, and therefore we are happy to offer personalized services tailored to their unique needs. 

Here at Upbeat, we don’t believe in a hard sales pitch; however, a friendly conversation to figure out how our dedicated team can help you make your life worthwhile more. 

YOUR FREEDOM is in your hands and we at Upbeat help you free up your time.

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